Safety Tips

The safety of our users is one of our highest priorities at Steady. Consequently, we have put together some guidelines to help make your Steady experience as safe as possible. Please read the tips below to gain a better understanding of things to be mindful of when using Steady:

Beware Scammers and Spammers

There are many warning signs to be aware of that may indicate that you are corresponding with a scammer or spammer, including:

Please be diligent in avoiding scammers and spammers. For more advice in this area, please review the guidelines set forth by the FTC.

Never disclose financial information

Keep private all pertinent financial information, including, but not limited to, bank/investment account information, social security number, and credit card numbers. Any and all requests to send money should be disregarded, and any user requesting or promising to send money should be reported to Steady immediately.

Be cautious about sharing personal information

Remember that, when corresponding with individuals on Steady, you may be anonymous for as long as you like. You have complete control over what personal information you share, such as your full name, phone number, email address, and mailing address. Only share personal information about your identity with people whom you feel comfortable with and do not put personal contact information in your Steady profile.

Notify Steady of any suspicious users or users who violate Steady’s Terms of Use

For example, report any user who does any of the following:

Take Precautions with In-Person Meetings

Please be safe and take due care when meeting someone in-person for the first time. The following are some helpful guidelines to consider:

Thank you for taking the time to read and follow these Safety Tips. They will help keep your experience on Steady fun and safe. Now, go meet someone!